DiakonSM Test File Modification Tool


The DiakonSM test file modification tool allows users to easily create test credit files that will accurately and completely test each aspect of new credit decisioning algorithms. Users can feel confident that their credit scoring applications are performing as expected.

Finding test files that will test every facet of a decisioning algorithm can be tedious, labor-intensive, and time-consuming, if it is even possible. To meet this challenging aspect of implementing new decisioning platforms, Zoot developed Diakon—an automated test file builder. This powerful, user-friendly tool allows financial institutions to create test files that test each aspect of a new decisioning algorithm and audit its performance.

Diakon users can quickly and efficiently build and edit as many test files as needed to adequately test their criteria. Once created, these files can be accessed like standard bureau test files to exercise every aspect of their credit criteria. Diakon currently supports both consumer and business bureaus.

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