The KairosSM loan origination system is an advanced loan origination and application processing system. It provides an unprecedented level of control and flexibility to lending institutions of all sizes. A relational database design and user-friendly web interface make the system both robust and extremely easy to use. With a combination of standard and client-specific web screens, Kairos users can submit loan applications, view initial decisions, perform manual review and underwriting functions, generate closing documents, and book loans to the appropriate system of record — all with a single automated system. Managerial functions include realtime reporting, application tracking, and fraud and duplicate application checks. All user functions are permission-sensitive and can be limited to specific users or groups of users.

For increased flexibility, the entire processing sequence within Kairos can be managed with a series of built-in administrative components. Each system can be configured according to your institution's unique business requirements, operational procedures, and processing protocols. Product and rate structures, product workflows, vendor services, document-printing logic, permission structures, and other system controls are all administrable by users with the appropriate permissions. Most system changes occur immediately, allowing for instant realization of time-sensitive enhancements.

Kairos is usually accessed through a company intranet; however, Internet access is available as well. The system is password-protected and fully secure. Zoot's stable, world-class ASP environment and redundant databases ensure the utmost in security and data reliability. The modular design allows clients to use any combination of base modules, add custom modules as necessary, and integrate their existing company and third-party modules into the overall system. More importantly, all of the Kairos functions and capabilities are contained within a single web-based system, meaning no more costly, cumbersome, training-intensive mainframe equipment. All that is required to run Kairos is a personal computer equipped with the appropriate Internet or intranet browser software and connectivity.

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