SPOC® Business Logic Engine


The SPOC®business logic engine is the leading decision engine software for complex, mission-critical decisioning. SPOC offers the industry's most flexible and advanced decisioning capabilities in a reliable distributed environment. The distributed decision engine integrates all aspects of a financial institution's credit decisioning. Multiple channels, diverse back-office systems, simultaneous data sources, and third-party output processors can all be built into your platform and accessed through a single network connection to Zoot — making Zoot your single point of contact for all your decisioning needs. 

SPOC supports decision scorecards of any type and complexity — even custom attributes developed for your unique needs can be included. It supports complex cross-sell, risk assessment, prescreen, multiple channels, and multiple data sources. Using the SPOC business logic engine, you can provide instant decisions around the clock to customers through your website, mainframe, or loan origination system, eliminating days of processing from an approval cycle. Regardless of the configuration, you'll benefit from the industry's most advanced business logic engine. Utilizing Zoot's world-class ASP, all systems are secure, redundant, and actively monitored.

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