WebRules® Business Logic Tool


The WebRules® business logic tool is a powerful rapid development tool designed to create automated decisioning platforms. Zoot developers use it in-house, and it is perfect for Zoot clients who want the flexibility to develop and modify their own platforms. With its browser-based graphical user interface (GUI), WebRules allows users to enter decisioning criteria, test the results using mock consumer credit files, and submit the code to Zoot for final testing and implementation. Zoot’s GUI also gives users the ability to generate and design web-based screens and display and interact with those screens.

This makes all the power and versatility of Zoot's Application Service Provider (ASP) environment easily accessible. Nearly every aspect of decision logic — from individual rules or attributes, to decision trees to matrices to overall process flows — can be modified in realtime or near realtime, using Zoot’s business lo   gic tool from the user's location.

WebRules can access any business rules, including the standard Zoot attributes, as well as any custom attributes in your platform. You can reduce development time, improve business results, and lower costs by maintaining your application in-house. WebRules is even self-documenting. In the time it would normally take to write a specification, you could have your new application ready to implement.

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