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Accurate, timely reporting is increasingly important for financial institutions (FIs) to develop customer acquisition strategies, feed analysis to generate better credit risk policy, provide auditability, and demonstrate compliance with continually evolving lending regulations. Zoot’s application service provider (ASP) technologies support FI initiatives by generating dynamic reports and analytic information from a variety of internal data sources and channels, giving you quick access to critical system data to support different initiatives. Standard and custom reports may be provided by Zoot® solutions, or data can be fed to your existing processes and data-mart.

Any Way You Want It

Zoot’s reporting capabilities offer a wide range of file formats and delivery methods, so you can quickly integrate reporting into your company’s existing software and data-processing architecture. This allows you to know right away how well your new strategies or platforms are performing. Additional offerings include hourly and daily monitoring programs to track the progress of your campaigns as requests come in.

Flexibility is provided through Zoot’s business rules tool, which gives business users the ability to access any data available to the decision engine for reporting purposes. A Web-based report viewer allows analytical data to be viewed securely by authorized individuals.  The layout is configurable through the use of Zoot’s application design tool, allowing changes to be made quickly and efficiently. 

More Information, More Meaning
Zoot’s reporting capabilities include:

  1. collecting and reporting on near-realtime data, feeding third-party report generators such as SAS, Crystal Reports, and in-house reporting systems;
  2. defining and reporting data extracts in any required format and on any required schedule, enabling further analysis and manipulation by our clients’ analytics and risk teams;
  3. tailoring reports based on client requirements from any attributes and data elements contained within a client’s platform running at Zoot; and
  4. tracking manual steps and exceptions for reporting by representative, product, and applicant pool.

Throughout Zoot’s long-term relationships with the nation’s leading banks, we have seen that reporting capabilities can make the difference between a good solution and a spectacular success.