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Risk & Compliance


There aren’t many words that are more prominent or applicable in today’s financial sector than risk and compliance. Managing risk and regulatory compliance are critical components of every financial institution’s business plans. With layoffs and tightening budgets further pinching resources, keeping up with new regulations and assessing risk effectively becomes an even more daunting task. Zoot provides solutions that help our clients keep pace with the changing landscape.

Effective Credit Risk Management for Unprecedented Times

Traditional credit risk policy development processes have become ineffective in the wake of rapidly changing consumer behavior and market fluctuations. Zoot has responded to this need in the industry with the introduction of zEnvision® credit risk lab. This solution provides lenders the ability to significantly shorten the cycle of making changes to attributes and scorecards to determine what is most predictive in the current environment.

“Lenders need to be able to develop new credit risk models and scorecards more quickly and cost- effectively than in the past and demonstrate confidence in the quality of their credit risk policies to investors who are expecting high-performance portfolios.” — Bobbie Britting, research director of consumer lending at TowerGroup.

Regulating the Regulations

The C.A.R.D. Act, UDAP, Regulation Z, MDIA, Red Flag, PCI DSS, FACTA, SOX, GLBA, Patriot Act, BASEL II, BSA—these are just a sampling of the regulations out there. If understanding the alphabet soup isn’t enough, managing new legislation and changes to existing regulations has become increasingly taxing for any organization.

Zoot solutions ease the burden on IT staff consumed with keeping up to date with compliance by giving control to business users, combining easy-to-use tools with reliability and security. For example, Zoot’s zLinkSM data aggregation solution supports credit risk management, fraud prevention, and compliance efforts by providing an independent portal to a network of integration-ready data and service providers. For more information about how Zoot can save your IT department time and money visit our solutions page.

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