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Secure Processing


Privacy and data security are top priorities at Zoot. As our international presence grows, it is vital that we expand our regulatory compliance to meet industry standards worldwide. Zoot’s Safe Harbor certification assures our clients that we adhere to EU and Swiss privacy laws.

— David Close, general counsel, Zoot Enterprises

A reliable and secure processing environment is paramount to any financial institution’s (FI’s) success. Zoot has developed its distributed hosted environment to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of top financial institutions worldwide. Zoot has maintained long-term relationships with these FIs in part because of earning their trust while safely and efficiently processing millions of transactions for them per year.

Data encryption is one component of a multi-layered security strategy at Zoot that includes perimeter protection, firewalls, intrusion detection, filtering and monitoring tools. Zoot has achieved and maintains PCI Level 1 certification in response to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Zoot is SSAE16 and ISAE3402 compliant and abides by the Banking Industry Technology Secretariat Standard Information Gathering (BITS SIG) framework which allows banks and service providers to use a standardized system for their information security audits.

Zoot is certified under the U.S./EU and U.S./Swiss Safe Harbor frameworks. This Safe Harbor compliance allows Zoot to connect to data providers in most EU countries and Switzerland to receive consumer data in the U.S. on behalf of Zoot’s clients without additional contracting.

Zoot’s physical building also has many features to ensure maximum security. Zoot utilizes a combination of security technologies, including biometric authorization. In case of a disaster, everything is redundant so that Zoot is never down. If something were to happen at the headquarters, Zoot would fall back on its additional hot processing site, distributed environment, and system clusters.

All of these precautions ensure that our clients can depend on reliable and secure processing of their vital credit applications.