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Foundation for Success

Top financial institutions (FIs) rely on their technology to keep them ahead of the competition. They need technology that is not only reliable but flexible enough to respond to changes in the market as well. Unfortunately, many institutions are saddled with cumbersome products that keep them from growing their revenue and marketshare.

The Building Blocks

Zoot’s stable and mature services—decision engine, workflow engine, provider integration, and page framework—provide a solid yet flexible technological foundation at three of the top five U.S. banks. With twenty years of experience, our services have been tested and refined to ensure that the technology can change without changing the way you do business.

Zoot’s decision engine carries ten times the needed processing capability so that your business can charge ahead without worrying about your technology keeping up. Thanks to the modular technology of our vendor integration service, adding new data and service providers to your process is easy and efficient.  Zoot's page framework service automatically processes changes business users make through the application design tool and delivers faster speed to market.

All of our services have the benefit of our distributed hosted environment, giving our clients' business users the reliability, redundancy, and security that the industry demands without sacrificing business user control. Overall, institutions can make better lending decisions without increasing IT demands or technology costs.

Tools and Services Handshake

Adding to our base of services, our tools are seamlessly integrated to empower business users to configure the services as needed. At the least, tools and services working in harmony eliminate process inefficiencies and increase consistency throughout an organization. More than that, Zoot's tools and services approach allows FIs to truly have exactly the capabilities they need to solve today's business problems and prepare for tomorrow's winning strategies.