Setting a Sustainable Advantage
The common ground among consumer lenders is a need to decrease costs, mitigate risks, and increase revenues. However, changing consumer behaviors, changing regulations, increased fraud, and siloed technology can hinder a company’s ability to sustain or sharpen competitiveness.

In order to gain or retain traction in the market, financial institutions (FIs) and other lenders are taking a variety of approaches. Some companies are focusing their resources on credit risk management while others pursue process improvements, organizational restructuring, or integrated solutions. Whatever the approach might be, Zoot has flexible technology that supports each unique strategy and prepares a foundation for growth.

Scalable, Reliable, Secure
Zoot processes hundreds of millions of transactions a year for credit card, home mortgage, and underwriting. Our hosted environment provides premier uptime averaging 99.99 percent over the past five years through triple redundancy and resiliency. Zoot’s processing capacity is engineered to 10 times our average daily load, ensuring availability even during unusual surges such as holiday campaigns. Zoot also provides the option of a groundbreaking approach to complete encryption, where data is encrypted at all times in the process.

In addition to enterprise decisioning and loan origination, our solutions enable advanced processes such as risk modeling, enterprise cross-sell, instant prescreen, offer optimization, and data integration all supported by our technical staff available around the clock, year-round. By using a tools and services methodology to build best practices into every Zoot solution, FIs benefit from our experience and reduce costs while gaining a solution with the flexibility to exactly meet their needs.

Seamless Integration
In addition to the flexibility delivered through intuitive interfaces that offer business user control, realtime decisions that support increased acceptance rates, and customization where you need it, Zoot uses a service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure for systems integration. This allows FIs to choose what to keep and what to replace in their existing systems. It also means FIs can pace capital expenses rather than being forced into a full rip and replace because all components of Zoot’s technology can talk to each other and to other systems.

Zoot’s data aggregation marketplace is a single portal to a variety of different types of third party data providers including: the major credit bureaus, title, flood, appraisal, fraud investigation, identity verification, documentation, and much more enabling clients to perform risk analysis for realtime instant prescreen and credit decisioning.

Zoot’s solutions can meet your most complex credit decisioning and loan origination needs while providing a better customer experience through every point of contact.


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