Zoot utilizes a modular framework that allows solutions to be easily tailored to meet clients’ business objectives, from automating account opening, to integrating multiple data sources, to efficiently completing manual reviews.

Profitable Decisions. Optimal Results.
Evolving regulations, increased fraud, changing consumer behavior, and siloed technology can hinder financial institution’s ability to consistently make profitable decisions.

Zoot’s collaborative relationship with our clients enables them to make instant, data-driven decisions that sustain their competitive advantage and maintain an exceptional customer experience.

Scalable. Reliable. Secure.
Zoot processes hundreds of millions of transactions a year for card issuers, payment providers, auto lenders, and many other innovative financial institutions. Zoot’s processing capacity is engineered to 10 times our average daily load, ensuring availability even during unusual surges such as holiday campaigns. Our hosted environment provides premier uptime averaging 99.99 percent over the past five years. Our infrastructure meets the security requirements of the nation’s largest banks.

Let us help you make more profitable, realtime decisions today.


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