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Test File Modification Tool


In today’s economy it is important to not only protect our company from risk but also be able to serve our customers well. Zoot’s tools give us the ability to configure our solutions to meet any situation and make real-time changes to our credit policies. As the market changes, so can we, without impacting our ability to efficiently serve our dealers and their retail customers.

—Steve Hathaway, senior manager risk instruments, Daimler Financial Services.

Testing is often a lengthy process, so to alleviate this bottleneck, Zoot created a test file modification tool that provides business users the flexibility to create and modify custom test credit files. Zoot’s test file modification tool—the only one in the industry—leverages an intuitive browser-based interface to streamline the process and for ease of use.

More Tests, Less Time = Better Results

Business users may build as many test credit files as necessary for comprehensive evaluation of business logic using a range of possible data elements and values. Nearly every aspect of a test file can be modified quickly and easily from trade segments to address segments to inquiry segments.

Credit criteria can also be tested efficiently and effectively by business users through files they have created. Once built, these files can be accessed like standard bureau test files to exercise every aspect of their credit policy.

Enterprise-Wide Accuracy

The process of producing custom files is automated, decreasing the total time necessary for the testing phase. A comprehensive custom test file library is reusable to allow targeted, automated testing. For even more robust testing, Zoot offers not only champion/challenger capabilities, but also the zEnvision® credit risk lab, which utilizes historical performance data and allows business users to quickly and accurately update credit policy across the enterprise.

Zoot was issued U.S. Patent No. 8,239,757 for its test file modification tool on August 7, 2012.