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Flexibility, When and Where You Want It

In a constantly changing industry, nothing is more important to financial institutions (FIs) than being able to respond quickly and easily. FIs that can move with the market shifts are better positioned to outmaneuver their competitors in the race for new customers and revenue. Having the right tools and robust services to exactly meet your needs can keep you in front of the market.

Giving You the Right Tools

Zoot’s philosophy has always been that by starting with a dynamic tools and services approach, we can build what a client wants, just the way they want it.  Our tools offer you the breadth and depth to be able to change everything from attributes and business rules to entire workflows. With Zoot’s business rules developer tool, our clients can make changes easily to any aspect of the decisioning logic—from workflow to scoring and testing—without programmer or IT assistance. Our object-oriented design interface gives users the control to develop entire application screens with a simple drag-and-drop feature. Finally, the integration management tool ensures that you can add providers and new data sources in a matter of minutes.

Services Building a Solid Foundation

Our tools, in turn, configure our comprehensive set of services, which create our standard solutions or combine to meet your requirements. Our high-volume, mature decision engine can help streamline your decisioning while the vendor service can integrate in needed data providers to provide you with the best lending decisions.

Tools and Services Creating Synergy

A unique advantage of Zoot’s approach is that our tools and services are based on the same technology and can all interact with one another as well as with any system you have, improving efficiency and consistency across your enterprise platforms. Because our tools and services have been designed and developed to work together, this ensures highly flexible solutions that empower FIs to build the platform you want, exactly how you want it, without the time and expense of a totally customized solution.

The Difference Is Our Expertise

Zoot’s tools and services have been proven to be effective by the largest banks in the industry. In fact, the features in some of our tools and services were fine-tuned specifically to solve a problem a client faced.

Overall, our tools and services were created by Zoot’s industry experts who watch the financial trends and anticipate how technology can assist our clients in managing risk, meeting compliance, and increasing account growth. What all of this means to you is the opportunity to benefit from the best practices we have learned over the last 20 years.

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