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Our Best Practices Meet Your Logic

The foundation of Zoot’s flexible hosted solution model is the tools and services approach Zoot uses to develop customized solutions. This approach enables financial institutions (FIs) to configure Zoot’s decisioning and origination services (such as scorecards, workflows, attributes, etc.) with their proprietary business logic using Zoot’s interface tools.

Tools that Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

These tools allow Zoot’s clients to maintain an extraordinary amount of control over their platforms. This level of control gives FIs a platform-wide flexibility which exceeds even that of internally developed software solutions. Changes to attributes, business rules, workflows, or data sources—which could take months of hand-programming—are automatically generated in a matter of minutes or less.

For an even finer level of control, an intuitive user interface allows instantaneous changes to pre-specified and pre-tested segments of the platform’s business logic to be implemented in realtime. Any portion of your decisioning logic can be enabled for secure, rapid changes.

These ingenious tools give business users the flexibility to respond to market changes in minutes rather than days, days rather than weeks, and weeks rather than months or years. The result is a solution that meets your FI’s needs exactly without sacrificing quick speed to market.

The Best of Both Worlds

Through Zoot’s pre-built components that synergistically work together, FIs can have as much configuration as they need without paying the higher costs of building once. Zoot’s tools enable FIs to reject the traditional trade-off between cost and flexibility. By developing a toolset that integrates with any system, Zoot’s approach provides the best of both worlds.