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Join colleagues from across the financial world as we discuss current topics, challenges, opportunities, and—the bottom line—risk and ROI. For over two decades, Zoot has studied and anticipated the industry’s needs and trends to help move the industry forward.  We are dedicated to sharing that knowledge through complimentary online educational webinars.  These focused sessions on key topics will provide you with the depth and understanding to help you protect and grow your business.

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Zoot Presents: 5 Reasons Why Mobile Account Opening Must Happen Now
Original Broadcast: September 25, 2014

The ability to open financial accounts on mobile devices is here. In response to shifting consumer preferences, banks are slowly embracing mobile account opening (MAO) as a way to differentiate themselves. This trend is expected to accelerate, with more than 25% of checking accounts expected to be opened through the mobile channel by 2020.

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Marketing Analytics: High-Growth FIs’ Secret Sauce?
Original Broadcast: Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ron Shevlin, Senior Analyst, Aite Group
Frank Bria, Director of Professional Services, Banking Solutions, Earnix
Tom Johnson, VP Strategic Alliances, Zoot Enterprises

What distinguishes high-growth banks and credit unions from other FIs? Lots of things, but one in particular is their superior marketing analytics capabilities. Recent research from Aite Group uncovered 5 hallmarks that distinguish high-performing FIs’ use of analytics. As these FIs continue to reap the benefits of their robust analytics capabilities, all FIs can and should learn from their example.  

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Death of a Salesman: Account Acquisition in a New Environment
Original Broadcast: Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ed O’Brien, Director Banking Channels Advisory Service, Mercator Advisory Group
Keith Shields, Chief Analytics Officer, Magnify and Chief Credit Officer, Loan Science
Tom Johnson, VP Strategic Alliances, Zoot Enterprises

As consumer preferences continue to shift and non-traditional competitors continue to disrupt the market, the ROI of acquisition techniques like batch mail and branch cross-sell will continue to decline. In order to thrive, banks need to leverage the tremendous amount of data they have on each of their customers to drive more profitable and satisfying customer interactions across all of their channels.

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Sharpening the Spear: Competitive Advantages through Alternative Data
Original Broadcast: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dennis Moroney, Research Director Retail Banking & Cards, CEB TowerGroup
Patrick Reemts, Director Credit Risk Solutions, ID Analytics
Tom Johnson, VP Business Development, Zoot Enterprises

In the battle for customer loyalty and wallet share, the most effective weapon financial institutions have is data. As financial institutions adjust to this post-recession environment and implement plans to expand their account portfolio, many are realizing they do not have the business tools to address the complexities of the current consumer credit market.

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Adjusting to the Aftershocks: Growth Opportunities in Credit Card
Original Broadcast: Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012

Dennis Moroney, Research Director at CEBTowergroup
Tom Johnson, VP of Business Development at Zoot
Ankush Tewari, Director Credit Risk Decisioning at LexisNexis

In the wake of the financial crisis, traditional credit risk models have become less predictive. Economic uncertainty and changing consumer behaviors are driving an imperfect understanding of consumers’ true credit worthiness. The result is that many issuers are overlooking profitable, low risk credit card customers.

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