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Zoot researches the financial industry and anticipates trends in order to better assist our clients with their current issues while preparing them for future triumphs. A variety of strategic topics are explored in our white papers, industry insight briefs, and case studies. For further research, see our webinars and newsletter. We also have more specific information available about our solutions, tools, and services.

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Mobile First Mobile First: A Guide to Fostering Innovation and Delivering Modern Banking Experiences
A mobile-first strategy allows financial institutions (FIs) to reinvent the legacy processes and technologies that are preventing them from delivering the modern banking experiences their customers demand. The mobile channel provides an ideal place for FIs to foster innovation in this new era of consumer expectations.

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Mercator Report Mercator Report Featuring Zoot

Online Account Opening and Hybrid Channel Processes Drawing Increased Interest
This research note by Ed O'Brien, Director of Banking Channels Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group, explores the industry trends driving an increased interest in online account opening. Due to the continued growth in self-service channel usage, financial institutions are striving to make the onboarding process simpler and easier to complete.

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Finding the Best Merchant Solution in a Changing Landscapre Merchant Acquisition: Finding the Best Solution in a Changing Landscape
The merchant acquiring industry is in the midst of titanic changes. With the proliferation of mobile devices and the micro-merchants they have empowered as well as the continued growth in electronic payments and e-commerce, there is more opportunity (and risk) facing acquirers than ever before.

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TowerGroup Report Featuring Zoot

Technology Solutions to Manage Instant Credit Card Decisions and Improve Customer Acquisition & Retention
This report by Dennis Moroney, research director at TowerGroup, a Corporate Executive Board Company examines vendor technology solutions that support the shift in new credit card account acquisition and retention strategies to ones that rely less on the direct mail channel. To be successful, the instant decisioning process must minimize issuer credit risk and maximize potential profits through active customer card usage and customer retention.
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TowerGroup chart The Way Forward: Making Checking Account Origination Profitable Again
This white paper by Nicole Sturgill, Research Director at TowerGroup, a Corporate Executive Board company suggests FSIs must look beyond the development of a new or changed product set and instead consider a new way of conducting business in retail banking. Many financial services institutions have come to the unsettling realization that the checking account in its current form is not profitable.  While banks can generate revenue through products, services, and fees outside of retail banking, it is not a practical long-term business strategy to position the demand deposit account (DDA) as a loss leader.
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Hierarchy of LOS Good Origination Solutions Can Be Better: The Hierarchy of LOS
Loan origination technology varies widely across the industry, with some financial institutions still burdened by manual review while others have automated aspects of application processing. However, even those FIs with good origination solutions can benefit from moving to best-in-class origination solutions.
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How to choose a Vendor How to Choose the Right Credit Decisioning or Loan Origination Vendor
If you find a vendor more interested in your success than their product, then you are on the right track. To find the right vendor, an FI must first prepare a foundation to make a good decision. Usually, choosing what to replace is not a black and white decision.
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Best of Both Worlds of SaaS and In-house Banking Software Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Serving the Underserved in the United States Through Insight into the European Credit Culture
The underserved population is estimated to be about 70 million U.S. individuals with a profitability in the billions, but this market remains out of reach unless FIs develop a better understanding of this population and alternative products to meet the needs of these nontraditional customers.
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Best of Both Worlds of SaaS and In-house Banking Software SaaS or In-house: How to Get the Best of Both Worlds
By combining a reliable, scalable, and redundant SaaS hosted environment with a set of development tools for maintaining business user control, Zoot enables its clients to rewrite the rules of the game and experience the best of both worlds.
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earth Adapting To Change: A Need For Speed
The subprime fallout, like the S&L and the Long-Term Capital Bank Management Fund crises before it, has thrown the market into a financial ice age, threatening extinction for institutions that are unable to adapt. This white paper discusses how realtime tools can be used to increase the speed of your response, speed of implementation, and speed of delivery.

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Silos Customer Intimacy: Connecting through Cross-Selling
New expectations for access to services are colliding with new regulations for managing fraud. In this environment, tools are not enough. Strategy is not enough. Multichannel integration is needed across IT and business—all lines of business.
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The Evolution of Prescreen Growth in a Saturated Market: The Evolution of Prescreen
This white paper examines the advantages of instant prescreen for banks seeking to differentiate themselves from their competition, embrace a more intelligent prescreen process, and grow in a saturated market.
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The Prescreen Revolution Operational Excellence: The Prescreen Revolution
This white paper discusses the costs and inefficiencies of traditional customer acquisition strategies like direct mail prescreen in today’s financial services industry and introduces the benefits of a new, more operationally efficient solution, instant prescreen.
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