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Why Bozeman?

Beautiful Montana. Photo  Doug Loneman 2006.

One of Zoot’s core differentiators is our focus on innovation. Our commitment to doing things that have never been done, that our competitors say can’t be done, is central to Zoot’s identity. Thus, every decision Zoot makes is influenced by that commitment.

Zoot’s commitment to innovation was a major factor in our choice of Bozeman, Montana as the location for our headquarters. Examples of curiosity, creativity, perseverance, expertise, and entrepreneurship (all qualities necessary for innovation to flourish) can be found in abundance in Bozeman.

  • Montana State University, whose vision statement supports a “learning environment distinguished by innovation and discovery,” is a perennial hotbed of cutting-edge research and exploration.
  • The Museum of the Rockies’ Professor Jack Horner is one of the world’s most renowned paleontologists. His research in the areas of dinosaur behavior, growth, and evolution have led to numerous breakthroughs and discoveries in the field, including the discovery of the first dinosaur bone containing preserved DNA proteins.
  • TechLink, a research center within MSU’s Research, Creativity, and Technology Office, helps private sector companies commercialize technology from NASA, federal laboratories, and universities to solve industry problems, create business opportunities, and stimulate economic development.

Lastly, the city of Bozeman itself, located in the scenic Gallatin Valley and surrounded by world-class outdoor recreational activities, acts as a powerful lure for some of the most talented and creative business professionals across the country. Bozeman’s unique and compelling character and location allows local firms to recruit and retain the caliber of employee necessary to support their commitment to innovation.

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