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Workflow Engine


In a Minute

By automating the lending process, the time to complete credit evaluation can be reduced to mere seconds. For example, Zoot has implemented a home equity solution where the entire process was automated, including title search, appraisal, and underwriting. The time to process it all? Less than one minute per application.

Nonetheless, different lines of business (LOBs) have different requirements, specific decisioning approaches, specialized data sources, and varying workflows. Zoot’s tools and services approach offers our clients nimble capabilities to support their exact needs.

Across All Lines

Zoot’s robust workflow engine seamlessly integrates manual review screens into the automated origination process at points where manual review is necessary for a truly optimized solution. Our workflow engine is the foundation of our loan origination solution, accommodating all lines of business product offerings such as credit card, demand deposit account (DDA), home equity, automobile, or education.

Queued and Reviewed

Applications that require manual intervention are queued for review. Loan officers can resolve the issue manually then seamlessly return the application to where it left the workflow for automated completion. No longer must applications be completed manually if they are flagged. The capabilities of Zoot’s workflow engine allow FIs to process more applications faster and with fewer staff, decreasing the cost to originate a loan.